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Otorrino Figueroa

The specialist doctor Marco Antonio Figueroa is an active doctor with more than 10 years of experience in the specialty of otorhinolaryngology, it is the medical-surgical specialty that is responsible for the study of ear diseases, both auditory and balance, of the upper respiratory tract and part of the lower ones (nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx and larynx), it is also in charge of surgery related to the thyroid gland.


Otorrino Figueroa


Branding, Print, Editorial


June 2015

To generate the symbol that represents the logotype we did 3 possible solutions.

The first two of them representing each of the main subjects that are treated by this specialty and the final one that is the one the client choose that represents the abstraction of the head aside and focus on the neck, the nose and the ear in a minimalistic way.

Color Palette

The color is key for the vision of the brand, the cold palette was the perfect to show the calm, amicable and profesional look to the comunity. The cold range is made up of the colors that are located on the chromatic circle around blue and the values ​​with white and black. This range is associated with tranquility, stillness and it is also used to show space and distance.


The image of the logo is merged with forms and shapes that represent the life line and squares to show the steps in the recovery of the pacient that is also part of the image of the brand as social media to show compromise and clear vision via a global brand, indicating scalable reach thought provoking compasion by correlation in the health world.

Results &

Compassion, social return on investment via a global, thought provoking correlation by indicating a scalable & visionary compelling growth state.